Time to Consign

True Style is Timeless

True Style is Timeless

True Style is TimelessTrue Style is Timeless

How To Consign



 All children's items must meet current safety standards. Please check CPSC.gov or Recalls.gov 

1. Clothing must be in style, no more than 2 years old, freshly laundered, free of any odors, stains, wear, or other blemishes. All zippers and snaps must work. Shoes must be in like new, excellent condition, with little to no wear. Hats and hair accessories must be NEW

2. Newborn-18 months NEW WITH TAGS ONLY.

 *Any items found with blemishes or damage after being left at Time To Consign will be donated. 

3. Books must be in like new condition.

4. Games, DVD's, and puzzles must be new in original packaging.

**IMPORTANT** Due to the updated retrictions on selling second hand baby gear we are asking anyone looking to consign baby gear to please contact the store before bringing any gear in.




In style and in season Casual tops, dresses, skirts, active wear, NEW shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, accessories, and hand bags. NEW hats and hair accessories. Sizes Small-XL

1. All items must be in style and in season. Freshly laundered, free of any odors, stains, or blemishes. All zippers and snaps must work.

2. Shoes- MUST BE NEW

3. Handbags- In style. Free of any marks inside and out

4. Sunglasses

5. Jewelry

*​Any items found with blemishes or damage after being left at Time To Consign will be donated. 




Small pieces of furniture:

Small tables, chairs, night stands, etc

How To Bring In Consignments



1. Please put items (25-30 items) in a clearly marked bag, tote, or box. NO GARBAGE BAGS PLEASE!

Please call ahead for an appointment if you have an extensive amount you would like to consign. Items go from bags to the sales floor so they must be in ready to sell condition. Include full name, phone number, and email address. You may wait while we go through your items or if you prefer to just drop off we will donate what we can not accept. 
2. Drop off on any business day. No appointment needed unless you are bringing in larger items or a large amount of items. Please call ahead or email us if you are not sure if we accept or have room for particular items.
3. Items will be on consignment for 45 days. Consignor will receive 40% of selling price.

 50% for items sold for over $50.00, AUTHENTIC handbags, and higher end items.

4. Payment is NOT given on the spot. Checks will only be mailed upon request of the consignor at the end of consignment period.

5. Receive 20% off all purchases when you use store credit from your account.

6. Share with a family. Let them use your store credit. Arrangements must be made prior.
 7. A $5.00 annual fee must be paid before any items are accepted

We Do Not Accept


 Undergarments, beds, bedding of any kind, cribs, large furniture, stuffed animals, car seats, juniors or outdated clothing, discount brands, Juicy Couture, cocktail, prom, or wedding dresses, women's pants, leather or fur coats, raincoats, or worn shoes. All hats and hair accessories must be NEW.

We do not accept or sell men's clothing 

We Send Donations To


  • Light House Pregnancy Center Hawthorne, NJ
  • Gleaner's Church Butler, NJ​​
  • ​​Rise & Shine Boonton, NJ